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Visual Branding

Branding That Goes BANG, POW, and WOW

Creating a compelling brand is more critical than ever before. Visual branding takes the reasons your business exists and subtly communicates them to your potential customers. Your visual brand is another significant opportunity to share and connect with your audience.

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Brand Guidelines

Without brand guidelines, marketing strategies quickly fall apart. That’s because consistency is the most crucial factor in any effective brand strategy.


Brand guidelines are living documents that change alongside your marketing and sales goals. Bnd while these guidelines are prone to change over time, they also allow you to lock in specific visual, strategic, and philosophical ideas about what your brand is at its core.

Brand Guidelines includes:

  • History, mission, and core values

  • Logo usage guidance

  • Color palette codes

  • Voice, tone, grammar

  • Typography breakdown

  • Images and photography usage

  • Marketing collateral design (business cards, letterheads, etc.)

Logos, Typography, Color Palletes

Visual brand elements, like your logo, typography, and colors, should be memorable and meaningful. Your brand elements should land somewhere in the middle of the unique and meaningful spectrum.

Kaboom creates memorable brands by:

  • Analyzing the competition and identifying gaps in the industry.

  • Infusing your vision with creativity, motion, and energy.

  • Creating work that excites and delights your customers.

Kaboom creates meaningful brands by:

  • Deeply understanding your needs, mission, and core values.

  • Adding layers of substance and significance.

  • Matching your brand elements with the needs of your audiences.

Itertive Design

The road to the perfect brand design is rarely a straight one. The right ideas can take time to discover as the project evolves and matures. And that’s why Kaboom uses an iterative design approach to all brand design projects.

The iterative Design Process:


1. Data and Discovery
A The Data and Discovery stage is where we ask questions, collect more information about your business, and begin to chart out creative directions that align with the project’s parameters.

2. Sketching Directions

Once we have a few promising directions, we begin to loosely sketch ideas that bring those directions to life. When you’re pleased with a particular approach, we move to typography and color.

3. Type and Color

The type and color stage brings the branding concept to life, differentiating it from your competition.

4. Digital Deliver

After your brand’s big idea is captured in a logo, typography, and color direction, it’s time to finalize and digitize your visual brand for the world to see.

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