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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy Goes Beyond Posting

Nothing takes the wind out of the sails like inactive social media accounts. Social media should be the pulse of your brand and the drumbeat of your marketing strategy, not an afterthought. Kaboom can help with the direction of your social media strategy and help you carry out all of the day-to-day administrative tasks that come along with it.

While the posts themselves are essential, much more goes into a social media strategy before getting to the likes, comments, viral posts, or social trends. Here are some of the steps Kaboom can assist you with as we ramp up your social media strategy:

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Buyer Personas

Understanding your ideal customer is the first step in any effective social media marketing strategy. Kaboom will uncover the communities where your customers hang out, the types of content they respond to most, and the ways they prefer to engage.

Competitive Analysis

Your competition provides valuable clues and insights into what to do and not do on social media. For instance, if one of your competitors performs strongly on a particular platform, we’ll test similar approaches for your brand until we land on a strategy that’s working and sustainable.

Optimize Profiles

Every social media platform comes with a unique set of rules, norms, and best practices that can be overwhelming to navigate without an expert. There are dozens of ways to optimize social profiles beyond stock settings. So before we even think about posting, Kaboom ensures your social profiles are fully optimized.

Create Content Calendar

Your content calendar will help you plan and backlog content posted on a set schedule. If you’re starting new social profiles or launching a campaign, Kaboom will develop batches of content in advance to schedule weeks-worth of content at a time.

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